It is with great pride to present, the very first Junior Winner from Marsini's. Thank you so much Gitte for showing
him perfectly.

DK Marsini's Sundance Kid JW


We are a small family in love with the beautiful Persian and exotic cats. We live in Denmark in the beautiful West Zealand in a small country house that we moved into in January 2006. We first got our cattery name in 2005 but I'm not completely new into breeding persians. My mother started breeding persians when I was very young and I've always had at least one cat myself. In the summer 2005 we got our first litter and we applied for our cattery name. We are still considering ourselves being in the beginning of our breeding and most of our cats are still very young.

We want to breed strong and healthy cats with a good temper. Our goal is to breed cats with a strong forehead, a well-set nose, small and well-set ears and well-round open eyes. All the qualities that gives the wonderful open expression of the persian and exotic cat. These qualities should be with the care for the good health of the cat. Also we want our cats to have a nice coby heavy body and nice heavy legs.

We only breed with cats tested negative of PKD or where both of their parent are tested negative. Our goal is that all our cats will be DNA tested and we are close to reach that goal. By the end of November 2006 all our cats will be tested so we can call our cattery 100 % free of PKD.

Each of our cats are chosen carefully so that we believe they can make a good backbone for our breeding program. They are mainly imports and after Ocalicos, Brannaway, Harwood, Ghattas, Validian, Joleigh, Sharamka, Lark Hill, Boberan and Byhishands.

Our cats lives with us in the house (no cages). Our cats are mainly our pets and our companions. Our kittens are born in our bedroom and are in hands everyday and are well socialized when they are ready to leave home. No kitten is moving away before the age of 12 weeks the least. When they are ready to leave they are dewormed, vaccinated and if used for breeding micro chipped.

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